Ear Health

Spring is the perfect environment for ear infections, especially in allergy-prone pets. Ear wax is the natural protector to the skin within ears; trapping debris, dirt and micro-particles and preventing them from causing irritation. The bodys natural response to allergens such as pollens, grass or fleas is to increase protection - which means more ear wax. 

Bacteria and yeasts feed off the ear wax and multiply. With springs increased heat and the surge in production of ear wax, the numbers of yeasts and bacteria can grow rapidly and cause an ear infection.

Cleaning ears with a product like Epi-Otic  will reduce the chances of ear infection. These products are designed to dissolve ear wax and therefore reduce the feeding source of yeasts and bacteria.
Frequent head shaking, excessive itching or other pets licking your pets ears can be an indication that there may be excessive ear wax production or an ear infection present. As there are different causes of ear infections such as yeasts and/or bacteria, it is ideal to have your dogs ears swabbed and microscopically inspected to determine correct treatment.

Our How-to videos show you how to clean your pets ears. Follow the link here: How to Videos

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